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Save Time With The Ten Minute PPC Audit

We found this great compilation of PPC time-saving tips over at PPC Hero. If you’re managing more than one PPC account like we are at Azura Marketing, every little bit helps!


What is Conversion Optimization?

Conversion optimization takes the guesswork out of wondering if your website is performing at its best, and if not, what changes need to be made to improve its success.
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Want to lower your PPC cost-per-click? Raise your quality score.

What is a Quality Score?

Google introduced Quality Score to determine in which position your Google AdWords PPC ads will be displayed, and how much you will pay for each click on those ads.

The Quality Score for each ad is determined by a number of factors: Read More

How do I know I need a mobile-friendly site?

For many, searching the Internet on their mobile device has become commonplace. Wait until you get to a desktop? Forget about it!

Internet audiences are fast becoming mobile – but is your website audience part of the wave? You may be asking yourself if it’s time to consider a mobile website design for your site.

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