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Start the online conversation and the sales will follow

Are you talking to me?

You may have heard that today’s Internet is all about conversation.

This often refers to social media channels liked Twitter and Facebook where people chat, interact and get to know each other. But having an online conversation with the people who visit your site is also critically important.

Unfortunately, this often isn’t the case.

Pick a random website. How many of these can you spot on the home page?

  • The headline says “Welcome to company X”
  • The word “we” appears in the copy before the word “you”
  • The word “we” outnumbers the word “you”
  • Products and services are mentioned in the first paragraph
  • Industry jargon is used excessively
  • Benefits are buried or not listed at all
  • There is a lot of copy without subheads or bullets
  • The copy sounds like it’s been lifted directly from the company brochure

These are classic signs of a website that is there for one reason – to sell me something. And no one wants to feel like they’re being sold.

Start with your buyers. Not your product.

In his “Gobbledygook Manifesto,” David Meerman Scott tells us that buyers want to know what problems your product solves for them, and they want proof that it works, in plain language – not a sea of words and corporate gobbledygook.

To demonstrate the point, David shares this excerpt from one company’s corporate overview page:

“…[Company X] has remained faithful in its commitment to producing unparalleled entertainment experiences based on its rich legacy of quality creative content and exceptional storytelling. Today, [Company X] is divided into four major business segments… Each segment consists of integrated, well-connected businesses that operate in concert to maximize exposure and growth worldwide.”

Believe it or not, this company is Disney! Does this paragraph sound like it captures the brand personality and benefits of the Disney experience?

Start the online conversation and the sales will follow.

Think of your site as a local restaurant where customers come to meet, mingle and have a casual conversation over lunch. Sure, they want to see the menu, but it’s the atmosphere and engaging welcome that will make them feel comfortable enough to trust that you can satisfy their needs. Engage them in conversation, and they’ll become regulars who return again and again.

By Louise Desmarais

Louise is an Internet marketing consultant, an SEO writer and web content developer. She is a managing partner for Azura Marketing offering "start-to-infinity" services for companies that want to soar online. Visit my Google+ profile

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