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Are you using Google Places to get customers to your front door?

Google Places search results on a smart phone

One half of all local searches are performed on a mobile phone.

Let’s say a potential customer is out shopping with a friend and it’s time for lunch. Said customer pulls out her smart phone and searches for “indian restaurants in Calgary”. The Google Places listings for Indian restaurants nearby appear. (What’s a Google Places listing?)

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Two or more URLs – OK. Duplicate content – bad.

Why isn’t my site coming up on Google?

Invariably when we launch a new site, we get this question. The answer is usually that it takes time for the engines to crawl a new site, to index it and to start recommending it to searchers. We ask our client to be patient, it will happen. And, usually, it does.

Two weeks ago we completed a new site and handed it over to our client’s hosting company to launch. Bing and Yahoo picked it up within days. Google appeared to be taking its time…a long time…. Read More

How I got to the #1 position in LinkedIn for “SEO writer” out of 23,747 results!

Most people think of employing SEO (search engine optimization) for their website, but did you know that you can optimize your social media profiles too?

I made a few strategic changes to my page, and shot up to the #1 position in LinkedIn for” SEO writer”!

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How to know if your SEO company is yanking your chain

I have lost count of how many times we’ve heard this from new clients: “We hired an SEO company months ago, but we don’t think it is working.”

Upon closer inspection, we can see that little or nothing was done to optimize the site. Even worse, some tactics used are sketchy and could harm the site – and your reputation.

We’ve developed this blog to help you recognize the difference between an SEO company that puts your site’s best interests first and one that is yanking your chain. Read More