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The case of the hardtoread URL

Which is easier to read?

1) www.clicktomysite.com

2) www.ClickToMySite.com

When you add your URL to your email signature, business card and other marketing materials, consider using Pascal Case or UpperCamelCase. This is when words are squished together, but the first letter in each is capitalized.

Pascal Case makes it easier to read and remember your URL, and in some cases it helps to avoid confusion. Imagine if your company was called Wines Exchange. (I will let you figure that one out.)

In split testing, URLs using Pascal Case had higher click-through rates. If you were selling an e-book on tips to save energy, www.SaveMeMoney.com would likely see more action than www.savememoney.com.

This tip also works for your Twitter handle. SocialMediaMind is better than socialmediamind. You get the idea.

There’s more good stuff where this came from.

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What is Google Places? And why do you really, really need it for your local biz?

Google Places literally puts your local business ahead of the pack

Google Places is Google’s local search engine. When a search is conducted using a geographic location such as “Calgary restaurants”, local Google Places search results come up – often above other search results. Google Places listings are identified by a bright red balloon and accompanied by a map showing the locations of the local businesses. They are hard to miss! Read More

5 ways to design a website that is ready for SEO

Lately we’ve been asked to apply SEO (search engine optimization) to websites after they’ve been designed and launched.

While this isn’t an entirely impossible feat, it often means that we need to go back and reorganize some of the design elements to allow for optimum optimization of the site.

The ideal scenario is to bring in an SEO consultant before you develop your website. But we also recognize that sometimes keyword research and SEO may not fit into your schedule or your budget and you just need to push your website out there.

In a follow-up to 7 ways to launch a website without keyword research and seo, in which we offer guidelines for your programmer, this post provides tips to share with your website designer to make it easier to implement SEO down the road. Read More

Do I have to do that social media thing?

Facebook. Twitter.  Google+.  Blogging.

Does anyone talk about anything else anymore? And because social media is on everyone’s lips, does that mean it’s right for your business?

Yesterday, a potential client asked us this question:

“Do I have to do that social media thing?”

This is what I told him….

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