Azura Marketing – we’re always up to speed
so you don’t have to be

There’s no such thing as an average day on the web. There are new tools, new tactics and new rules popping up every day.
Looking away  - even for a short time - could have dire consequences.

At Azura Marketing, we’re all about emerging markets, online communities and working the web.
Keeping pace with the ever-quickening pulse of online marketing, we are our clients’ eyes and ears on the web helping them realize the rich opportunities of the new frontier with:

Behind the Azura Marketing name, you get respected industry professional Pat Assad working directly on your business.

We’re uniquely talented in different areas and when we put our heads together, cool things happen: the search engines perk up and notice your site, unique visitors come and poke around, your company gets talked about, friends refer friends, and your sales take a turn in the upward direction.

That’s all easy to say, but if you need real facts about how we’re different, consider these little nuggets:

  • We have increased earnings for one company from $75,000/year to $12 million!
  • As a “last ditch effort,” we turned one company around to the point where it was sold for a huge profit!
  • We have brought websites out of the ashes – even after they’ve being banned by Google!
  • We work directly with our clients, instead of passing them on to juniors or staff in other countries.
  • We break everything down into manageable phases to maximize your budget and your results.
  • We provide you with a clear picture (explained in main street language) of what we’re doing and where you stand – no smoke and mirrors.
  • We are constantly vigilant of changes in algorithms and industry guidelines because one wrong step could ruin your reputation (and ours).
  • If recommended tactics are not working, we will let you know and, with your input, we will adjust our strategy before your budget is gone and it’s too late to turn around.
  • We follow industry guidelines to the letter and NEVER employ questionable or black hat tactics.
  • We are partners in our company with home offices. That means each of us is personally committed to the business, and we don’t have to pad our rates to cover exorbitant overhead.
  • We have nearly 25 years combined experience working in the web world.

What makes us effective is we’re passionate about what we do and we’re committed to this industry. What’s more, we refuse to let the train pass us by.

In a fast-moving world where algorithms change overnight, new guidelines are declared by the minute, and subtle nuances can make or break a company’s reputation, there’s no room for best guesses and generalities.

You need the confidence of knowing that you’re getting the best advice for the times and the best results for your money.

You need Azura Marketing. Contact us today.