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Questions about Email Marketing/List Building

What is your ability to conduct bulk email campaigns?

We don’t recommend conducting bulk email campaigns through the purchase of email lists. Email marketing using a paid mailing list to send out bulk email campaigns can hurt your company brand and cost you a lot of money. 30% or more of bulk unsolicited email marketing campaigns are blocked by ISPs as spam or discarded in electronic trash cans by recipients who believe them to be spam (because they don’t remember subscribing.)

It is better to invite your visitors to your website to opt-in for free. Because they visit your site, they are interested in what you have to offer and they are already qualified prospects who are most likely to become paying customers. These are the quality sales leads you want for your business.

What are your abilities to purchase a qualified list?

We don’t recommend this approach as per the reasons outlined above. 

What is your knowledge of non-spam laws required to conduct bulk emails?

We do not spam your prospects. We adhere to CAN-SPAM compliancy guidelines, which means:

  • the subject line is not misleading and advertisements are clearly labelled as such;
  • the email headers, sending email address and other identifiers in
    the headers have not been tampered with in order to conceal your
  • the body of the email contains a valid physical address for
    the sender; and
  • the email contains a functioning opt-out mechanism, and opt out
    requests are honoured within 10 business days of receipt of that

Do you believe email marketing is a profitable avenue?

Absolutely!  Email marketing is a high response and inexpensive medium for communicating with customers, and if executed right, it has the power to deliver huge benefits to your business.

These are actual questions asked by our clients. We will continue to add new subjects and questions to this list. If you have any queries that are niggling at you, bring ‘em on! Send us an email with your questions.