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DoctorSolve Healthcare Solutions
Caroline Place Retirement Residence


Doctorsolve Healthcare Solutions

Doctorsolve Healthcare Solutions Inc. is a pharmacy intermediary that offers discount prescription drugs to residents of the United States.

The Challenge:

Doctorsolve Healthcare Solutions Inc. wanted a professional looking, easy-to-navigate website that also ranked well with the search engines.

Doctorsolve’s goal was simple – they wanted to increase orders and revenue by doing the following:

  • Provide a user-friendly experience with easy-to-use navigation
  • Increase visitors to their website by improving search engine rankings
  • Convert more visitors to buyers

The Solution:

We implemented the following:

  • Created a new site design with larger, easy-to-read navigation controls
  • Optimized the website for relevant search terms aimed directly at their target market
  • Implemented a database function where Doctorsolve staff could update their own prescription prices
  • Wrote persuasive copy designed to make it easy to for visitors to respond
  • Tracked website activity to identify additional opportunities for improvement

Here’s what happened in one year:

  • Overall sales increased by 792%!
  • Web sales accounted for nearly 98% of total company sales compared to previous year web sales of less than 1%.
  • Doctorsolve was ranked top online pharmacy by KIRO 7 news

To accommodate the increase, Doctorsolve also increased their staffing level from 2 to 28 and had to move to a larger location.

In addition, Doctorsolve earned high rankings in a highly competitive industry for targeted keyphrases.

Search Engine Rankings for Google (February 22, 2004)

KeywordRankingCompeting URLs
canadian pharmacies1615,000
canadian prescriptions1738,000
canadian pharmacy61,360,000
canadian drugs52,220,000
canada pharmacies3950,000
canada prescriptions41,010,000
canada pharmacy71,840,000
canada drugs43,480,000

“We used other search engine optimization companies before working with Pat Assad. I would definitely rate her service as number 1 for a job well done!

We noticed a difference immediately. Doing random searches, we found ourselves to be number 1 in many top search engines. I recommend her services without hesitation!”

Wendy Morris
Doctorsolve Healthcare
Solutions Inc.


York Region

This award-winning community website serves residents and businesses of York Region. It provides community news, event information, movie and real estate listings, and job search opportunities.

The Challenge:

Unhappy with its page view numbers and search engine ratings, hired us to help make the site more visible to the engines and more valuable to its visitors.

The Solution:

  • New site architecture was recommended and implemented to make navigation easier and create a better user experience
  • Keyword research was conducted and SEO copy written to include the keyphrases
  • Meta tags and title tags were developed
  • On-going press releases were written and distributed through online channels

Here’s what happened in eight months:

February 2007
Page views – 777,896
Unique visitors – 76,296
Search engines referring – 9.6%

October 2007
Page views – 1,040,961
Unique visitors – 103,465
Search engines referring – 20%

In addition, the optimized website went from a Google ranking of 0/10 to 4/10.

Optimization and re-structuring work is ongoing, and new service sections are in development to make each visit richer and to boost loyalty.

“Louise and her team have assisted us with clever copywriting, and mounds of varied SEO advice to build search-engine friendly web pages and the best-optimized community website around.

Our Google rank has increased and pages we had long ago given up on are popping up in result searches, all due to their professional advice and wordsmithing.

John Futhey
Director of Interactive Media
York Region


Caroline Place Retirement Residence

Caroline Place is a warm, friendly retirement community in the heart of Hamilton, Ontario where residents are free to spend each day any way they please.

The Challenge:

The website had been up for nearly six months, but it was receiving very little traffic. Closer inspection revealed that the site was not optimized for search, although the client believed that it had been.

The Solution:

  • We implemented a complete SEO plan including keyword research, meta tag keyword implementation, site maps (html and XML), and registration with Google Webmaster Tools for site verification and indexing
  • We edited the existing copy to include keyphrases in all the right places
  • We provided training in Google Places to assist Caroline Place in maximizing their listing and improving its rankings in local search

The Results:

SEO updates are recent and the rankings are still stabilizing, but nonetheless Caroline Place quickly made it to the first page and, in some cases, landed in the #1 position for their targeted keyphrases: Hamilton retirement community, Hamilton retirement communities, Hamilton retirement homes, and Hamilton retirement residence.

Organic traffic (traffic as a result of keyword searches) has gone from 14% to 32%, and continues to trend upwards.

In addition, the Caroline Place Google Places listing consistently shows up as part of natural search.

Hamilton Retirement Communities

“Although it usually takes time for SEO to show its full results, we saw results pretty quickly. We now can be found much more easily when you search for ‘retirement homes in Hamilton’.

I have learned so much from Azura Marketing. It was an amazing experience!”

Miri Hadas Koller
Greenwood Residences


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