SEO copywriting does more than attract search engines.
It turns visitors into customers!

Quick! What two things can no website afford to be without?


1) Traffic – a constant flow of visitors

2) Content – products, services, information and solutions that your visitors are looking for

While search engines will point visitors to your site, waves of traffic mean nothing if your site hasn’t got content that captivates visitors and encourages them to take action. That’s where SEO copywriting comes in.

SEO writing turns keyphrases into copy that converts

Most people know that in order to attract the search engines and improve your site’s rankings, your site has to have keyphrases that people are actually searching for. Keyword research will tell you which keyphrases to focus on.

But if you get too carried away with stuffing your website with keyphrases that you hope will bring it to the top of Google, you could be losing the other half of the equation – your clients. And when was the last time Google made a purchase at a website?

In order to create site copy that is appealing to the engines and to your site visitors, you have to take the needs of both into consideration. You have to find that balance.

Persuasive SEO copywriting does more than attract search engines

Good SEO copywriting always keeps the objectives of your site in mind. While it attracts the search engines, it speaks to your customers in a way that is meaningful to them. If keyword-rich body copy is done well, it will not only bring customers to your site, it will also make them stay. Better yet, it makes them take action, whether that action is contacting you or placing an order. And isn’t that ultimately what you want your site to do?

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