More sizzle than substance?
Get a great looking site that still gets down to business

With the role of the website forever changed, a great looking site just isn’t enough anymore. But let’s face it. Workhorse sites can be just plain, well plain. And websites that are overdesigned can make things confusing for visitors.

Today’s ideal is a website that is a pleasant balance of form and function.

Azura Marketing has designers and web developers that are on the same page. Our websites are clean, classy and standout - but they never lose sight of the fact that your site needs to be able to get down to business.

Our website development services include:

Website design –
Get a beautifully themed site as well as electronic logo designs and expansion of your website personality into your:

  • Facebook page
  • Twitter account
  • Email signatures
  • Digital stationery (letterhead, estimates, invoices etc.)
  • Logo design (if desired)

Website development –
All web programming requirements including:

  • Blogs
  • CMS (Content Management Systems - so you can do your own updates)
  • Database solutions
  • Shopping carts
  • Analytics

Warning – we do not develop sites using frames or tons of Flash animation or those annoying welcome pages that say “Skip Intro.” Why? Because the search engines absolutely hate these things – and frankly, so do we.

Other ways we can expand your web space presence

  • Set up hosting – domain consultation, set up your accounts
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social media: videos, podcasts, bookmarking, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, press releases, blogs
  • Copy, design and marketing of downloadable reports, ebooks, white papers
  • Pay-Per-Click

Looking for slick website development? Contact us to discuss your needs.