Start a dialogue. Share your knowledge. Learn from others.
It’s called social media and being part of it can build your business.

Social media is an amazing platform that can position you as an expert in your field and build a huge following for you on the web.

Essentially social media is about building community, sharing your knowledge with others and interacting with those in your personal or professional circles.

By giving – you get, big time!

While it can be a little hard to wrap your head around the concept of sharing your intellectual property like a white paper or an e-book, or offering advice for free, or sharing a link to a blog post from someone who could be a competitor, it’s amazing what can happen when you do. You can actually help your business grow!

When strategically fed through social media channels, your presentations, interviews, videos, blog posts, speeches, photos, and brilliant insights are devoured by scores of people searching for someone with your expertise.

Social media is also a critical component of any link-building strategy. All of your materials can be optimized to create links leading right back to your site.

We can help you leverage the power of social media

Social media channels include, among others:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube and Viddler
  • Google+
  • Blogs (and RSS feeds)
  • Article and press release distribution services (e.g. PR Web, Ezine Articles)

Azura Marketing can help you stake your claim in the social media space with:

  • Consultation – what are your goals, and what’s the best social media solution for you?
  • Training – how to use social media, proper protocol, dealing with comments
  • Strategy – what makes sense for you, your business and your busy schedule
  • Setting up accounts, pages and profiles
  • Optimizing your materials and your accounts for creating links back to your site
  • Content strategy – examining your existing content inventory, repurposing materials for various channels, creating new content, determining a schedule for release
  • Assistance managing your accounts

Are you ready to enter the social media arena? We can help you find your voice and create a community. Just ask.