Solid SEO can put your site ahead of the pack.
And isn’t that what every website owner wants?

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of getting the search engines to recognize that your site exists on the web and recommend that people visit it.

A properly optimized website that appeals to the search engines can result in a torrent of traffic – and isn’t that what every website owner craves? After all, traffic can lead to conversions or sales!

Search engine optimization (SEO) services

Site audits – Some sites are ready for SEO, others need small tweaks, while others need to be rebuilt from the ground up. We’ll review your site and make recommendations based on solid experience of best practices so you can start your search engine optimization efforts off on the right foot.

Keyword research – You say “neurotrauma” – we say “brain injury.” When it comes to keyword research, in-house turn of phrase just doesn’t cut it. By targeting “best guess” keywords that aren’t actually searched for by your prospects, you’re wasting time and money. We’ll do the research and show you why certain keyphrases make better sense than others.

IA (information architecture) consultation – Your IA is the blueprint for your site. Our IA consultation involves creating logical defined sections, laying down a clear path for visitors, naming navigation links to leverage SEO, ensuring your site has all the right components, and identifying programming issues.

SEO copywriting – Website content needs to be skillfully woven in such a way that it appeals to two distinct audiences: your human visitors who will buy from you, and the search engines who will deem your site worthy of referring said visitors to it. Our SEO copywriters know how to find that happy place for you.

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