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Questions about PPC

How do you prevent Pay Per Click fraud?
Major PPC engines already have effective Click Fraud preventative measures in place.  If click fraud is found, credits will be given.  Click fraud software is available, but we don’t recommend paying for this software unless it’s clear that the PPC organizations aren’t catching the fraud. 

How much would we pay per click/keyword? 
There are many factors that dictate what you will pay per click or per keyword. Keyword position in the Search network is dependent on the maximum you’re willing to pay per click, your click-through rate and quality score plus the competition (the more competition there is, the more it will cost you to get on the first place of listings). Another factor to consider is your conversion rate. Keywords with higher conversion rates mean that your investment could be higher. Sometimes a higher cost per click yields a higher ROI, which is a key performance indicator. Starting bids should be high enough to place keywords into the top 3 positions.

How often should we optimize keywords for PPC ads? 
Daily monitoring allows optimization based on number of click-thrus, conversion rates and cost per conversion.  All have to be taken into consideration when making the decision to pause keywords, increase, or decrease bids.  Decisions to “ramp up” campaigns need to be made with consideration to allowable budget and sales goals.  

What is your strategy for purchasing keywords? 
Keyword selection
Target a broad, keyword list of 40-60 keywords.  Enough to get a good picture of keywords that will generate conversions or sales.  The focus on will be on the “long tail” terms that will qualify  visitors before they even get to your site. 

Bidding strategy
Keyword bids should fluctuate according to their ROI. This strategy requires daily analysis as it is determined which keywords convert and in which position each keyword generates the most conversions.

Business objective
Generate as many conversions as possible by increasing bids on keywords that generate the best ROI, while lowering bids or pausing bids on underperforming keywords. 

What analytical tools do you use to manage the program?
Google Analytics (tracking, conversion, and marketing analysis), WordTracker , Google keyword tool, Keyword Elite (Keyword Research Tools), Speed PPC, Adwords Editor, MSN AdCenter (Campaign management tools), Split Test Accelerator (Split Test Software / implemented after $2,000 /day in revenues)

What does your retainer fee include?
Our monthly retainer fee includes the following:

PPC Set-Up:

  • Keyword research
  • Campaign creation on Google Adwords
  • Ad group creation
  • Writing text ads and selecting landing pages
  • Configuring max Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Configuring advanced aspects such as position preference and limiting ad display times
  • Configuration of Google Analytics for conversion data

PPC Campaign Management:

Our PPC Management Service is an on-going service that will improve your click-through rate, lower your cost-per-click, and increase your sales revenue.

  • Additional keyword discovery as required (if keyphrases are underperforming, we will recommend new ones)
  • Ensure the ongoing implementation of negative phrases, broad, exact, and phrase matching, targeted ad groups/ads
  • Geo-targeting to reach international markets (e.g. India)
  • Daily tweaking of PPC ads as required
  • Ensure tight alignment of landing page(s) with PPC ad(s) (When a PPC ad is clicked, the corresponding landing page contains the same messaging.)
  • Conduct A/B split testing

While we do have a signed agreement, we don't lock you in... you can cancel at any time. Our goal is to prove our value to our clients each month so there's no need for extra legal obligation.

We do not charge any upfront set up fees. Our client turnover is extremely low. We are working toward a long-term relationship.

Does your service include the cost per click that the search engines charge?
No. There is a cost per click that you pay directly to the search engine(s). Remember you can set your daily budgets (as low as $10/day) so things don’t get out of hand. Your accounts are set up under your name and with your payment information.

These are actual questions asked by our clients. We will continue to add new subjects and questions to this list. If you have any queries that are niggling at you, bring ‘em on! Send us an email with your questions.